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Fadhilatul Ustaz Muhd. Taha as-Suhaimi

(27/7/1916 – 8/6/1999)

He was born Thursday, 27 July 1916 / 26 Ramadan 1334. He received his early education from Raffles Institution in Singapore and later from Al-Attas Islamic College in Johor, Malaysia. After graduating from the College, he pursued his study at Al-Azhar University, Egypt.

Back in Singapore, he was appointed as a lecturer at Ngee Ann College and the first Syariah Court's President. He was instrumental in sustaining Madrasah Al-Ma’arif Al-Islamiah financially, through a traveling company he setup. Some of the profits from the company was channeled to the Madrasah’s fund. He also donated the profits from his books to the Madrasah.

Apart from his activities at the Madrasah, he was also active in the now defunt Masjid Ma'rof. He also prepared scripts for religious programmes at Singapore Radio, and taught religious subjects at his house. He was well known as a tariqat syeikh and a martial arts exponent.

Among his published books are:
1) Hakikat Syirik
2) Haji dan Umrah
3) Tauhid
4) Qadha’ dan Qadar
5) Kitab Fiqh
6) Kitab Puasa
7) Bukti-bukti Kebenaran Al-Quran
8) Has the Bible been Altered
9) Muhammad Foretold in Earlier Scriptures.

He died on Tuesday, 8 June 1999 / 23 Safar 1420, at the age of 83 years old.

May Allah bless his

(source: Ustaz Ahmad Harith Suhaimi, Ustaz Taha's son)

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